MAA Digital Fabrication-Molding & Casting : The Wall

The aim of the exercise is to explore 3 dimensional manufacturing processes by the use of the CNC milling machine, and the development of molds for casting pieces.

Phase 1: Involved a design cf a system based on a brick module with the properties of connecting to other bricks to generate a non-uniform wall. Well defined connection joints, modularity and laws of growth were considered, allowing the growth of the wall in more of two dimensions.

Phase 2: The winning team developed and all groups worked on the parametric model to create differentiations on the geometry keeping the properties of connection and system logic.

Phase 3:  Mold fabrication:  Use of the CNC Milling machine for the production of molds in high-density polyurethane foam.

Phase 4: Casting the parts with plaster reinforced with fibers

Phase 5: Building The Wall

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