Fab Academy 2011 Projects > Fab Energy

by Guillem Camprodon and Fab Lab Bcn
FabAcademy 11

The FABenergy is an small network of plugs that can measure the power consumption of what you plug on them and publish it to Pachube.

Each node is a custom pcb board based on the Arduino original design. Boards admit up to for different sensors, this can be current sensors but also temperature, light or any other analog sensors. The sensors are built on custom plug-n-play bricks for an easy and modular setup. Each node communicates with the receiver through a half-suplex rs-485 network. The network protocol was custom build based on some previous examples found on other commercial industrial applications. The receiver node can be an off-the-shelf Arduino board with an Ethernet Shield or simple a regular computer with a Serial Adapter.

The nodes values are published to Pachube using its basic RESTful API. There’s also an small interface written in Processing to setup the Nodes and the Pachube connection in case you run it from a computer.

The Pacube feed, now still under tests, can be easily access through the Pachube web page together with all the other FabLab BCN sensor feeds.

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