Barcelona Interactive Model. IAAC Global School 2011

Smart Cities is a concept that has been developed during the last years, but still our cities are far away from smartness, in terms of how they exchange information beyond the social networks. The IGS points out the question how we can think about the cities of the future, not in terms on a new brutalism construction, but in how we optimized the constructed environment, how we can take advantage of that invisible layer of information, and how we generate a platform to understand the relations of energy, environment, production, economy and resources into the city.

IGS 2011 has been an intensive workshop, with 22 participants of the 5 continents (for some people 6) of the Earth, in Barcelona; and 8 participants from India, at the Balwant Shelth School of Architecture, and in collaboration with Hangar in Barcelona, and the Politecnico di Torino, in Italy.

The Interactive model is a project of IAAC and Fab Lab Barcelona, in collaboration with Hangar.

For more information about the IAAC Global School 2011 program, please visit the project blog